Modern Industrial Concrete Wood Coat Tree

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build a coat tree from a 2x4 and a concrete pier block!

Hi everyone!

I've been keeping a big secret from you (unless you are one of the awesome folks that follows me on Instagram ).  

We started on a new project!!!

I can't quite share with you just yet ..... but let me just say this,  Man, the bugs are bad this year!

Anyway, we ended up with a leftover pier block in the yard ...

Toliy's been wanting to make a industrial style coat tree, but one that doesn't cost a zillion dollars in pipe fittings .... sooooo

He found a scrap 2x4 and marked where the bracket holes are on the pier block,

And drilled a hole through the 2x4.

Since it's important to get the hole drilled straight through, he used a block of wood to help him eyeball drilling (unless you have a drill press handy, this works pretty good).

Either that, or you are the Ram himself, and you don't need a guide.

Then he attached the 2x4 to the pier block with a bolt and nuts and washers.

Then decided to use more bolts for the hooks.

Once placement of the bolts was determined, Toliy drilled holes through the 2x4 and installed the hook bolts.

Don't you love a project that you can make for free from just stuff you have laying around?  Especially a project that is so useful and quick to build!

And I love the texture of the concrete brought inside.  

Your turn!!!

We'd love to see what twist you put on this coat tree - maybe use a 4x4 post?  Or pour the 2x4 in a bucket of concrete?  Or use an actually tree?

Please share if you DIY!

XO Ana + Family

PS - Any wild tips on taming Alaska mosquitos?