Narrow Farmhouse Table

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 02/21/2010 - 23:13
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Some dining spaces (or even work spaces) require a long thin table. This rustic simple table is easy to build, yet sturdy and stylish.

Special thanks to Deux Maison for sharing their amazing photos. Make sure you stop over to see more photos and read about their building experience.

96" x 30" x 30"


Shopping List

2 – 2×2 Boards, 8′ Long ($2 Each for pine)
4 – 1×8 Boards, 8′ Long ($7 Each for pine)
2 – 1×3 Boards, 8′ Long ($1.50 Each for pine)
1 – 1×4 Board, 10′ Long ($4 Each for pine)
2 – 1×6 Boards, 10′ Long ($6 Each for pine)
1 1/4″ and 2″ Finish Nails
2″ Wood Screws (about 100)
2 1/2″ Wood Screws (about 20 screws)
Wood Glue
Wood Filler
Finishing Supplies

Common Materials
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
Cut List

4 – 1×3 @ 29 1/4″ (Table End Legs)
4 – 1×4 @ 29 1/4″ (Table Side Legs)
2- 1×6 @ 88″ (Side Aprons)
2 – 1×6 @ 23 3/4″ (End Aprons)
2 – 1×3 @ 23 3/4″ (End Stretcher)
8 – 2×2 @ 23 3/4″ (Under Tabletop Supports)

Cutting Instructions

This table is highly customizeable to fit your needs. Note that the tabletop expects your tabletop boards (the 1x8s) to be 7 1/2" wide. If your 1x8s are not 7 1/2" wide, adjust accordingly.

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Circular Saw
Brad Nailer
Power Sander
General Instructions

Work on a clean level surface. Check for square after each step. Use straight lumber. Measure and confirm your cuts before cutting. Dryfit your boards before fastening. Always use glue. Predrill and countersink screws. Use saftey precautions and protective eye and hearing gear.


Step 1

End Legs. Taper your end leg pieces as shown above. Cut the taper in a straight line, starting 5 1/2″ from the top, and tapering in 1″ at the bottom. This is shown above. Do this on all four legs. The end legs are made of 1×3 boards.

Step 2

Side Legs. Taper the side legs as you did the end legs from step 1. The side legs are made of 1x4s . Use the measurements above to guide you.

Step 3

Leg Assembly. Assembly your legs as shown above. Be aware of the leg postion on the table as you assemble, as the legs will be assembled different depending on the position. Remember, the 1×3 leg sides are on the ends, the 1×4 leg sides are on the sides of the table. This is shown above.

Step 4

Side Aprons. Fasten the side aprons in place as shown above. Make sure you take a square of the legs as you do this. This is shown above.

Step 5

Step 6

Under Tabletop Supports. Attach the tabletop supports as shown here. Use the measurements above to guide you.

Step 7

Tabletop Pieces. Start by finding the center of your table. Mark and place your table top piece, using the center mark for your first boards. Only attach on the ends in this step, using the screw pattern above. DO NOT ATTACH IN THE CENTER. Attach the remaining tabletop pieces on the ends only.

Step 8

Tabletop Pieces. From the underside, fasten through the under tabletop support pieces into the tabletop pieces. Start with the middle boards and work your way out. Minimize any gaps between the boards. Predrill and countersink your screws. To further strengthen the table, you can add simpson strong tie corner brackets to the corners.


Jennifer (not verified)

Mon, 02/22/2010 - 07:58

Oh love. Your post is so true! Now I'm torn on between this and the modern farmhouse table. A table is #4 on our list from your blog :).

I'd like to second the request for plans for a table that has leaves to expand it. I really want a farmhouse table in our kitchen but it would be replacing one (that I don't like btw) that expands to seat 6 (from 4). Our eating space is limited so we need a small table for everyday, but we use the leaf pretty often to give up the capability.

My hubby and I were in PB the other day (comparing my hyde console table to theirs *snicker*) and saw this table with extendable ends.…
My hubs thinks he could make something similar but I'm a go by plan or recipe girl...

Love this post. I can't wait to build our own farmhouse table and have our family grow with it!

Jenny (not verified)

Mon, 02/22/2010 - 08:22

This is sooooo what I've been looking for! The table we have now is just too wide for our dining room...this will be PERFECT! Will have to wait to build this AFTER building bunkbeds!

AdronsCatherine (not verified)

Mon, 02/22/2010 - 08:41

Perfect! I had been considering slimming down the original plans, but now that you've done all the work for me, I should be good to go!

One question - we need to be able to sit people at the ends of the table. Is there a way to build it so the stretcher isn't going to interfere?

Anonymous (not verified)

Mon, 02/22/2010 - 09:19

I know it's less in keeping with the style, but is there a way to round the edges. Our little one is constantly hitting her head on the corner of the table.

Carrie (not verified)

Tue, 02/23/2010 - 02:43

Now how am I supposed to choose between this one and the Restoration Hardware table?!?

You Are My Fave (not verified)

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 17:32

Wow! I wish I had at least one carpenter's bone in my body. I'm glad I could help in the inspiration for this amazingness.

Robyn (not verified)

Fri, 02/26/2010 - 16:43

I LOVE this table and it is on the top of my project list. In one of the inspiration pics there was a drawer... how would you suggest adding drawers to the ends or the middles? Space is at a premium in our house and I would love to have a napkin drawer or two!!

Arctic Sheets (not verified)

Fri, 03/26/2010 - 09:38

This is the sweetest, most inspiring post! I just found your blog and I want to thank you so much for sharing all your projects. I am a little intimidated by the idea of building things but I find your words so encouraging. I can't wait for a free weekend to try my hand!

Keep up the great work!

Me (not verified)

Tue, 04/06/2010 - 06:54

What if I want to use the spindle leg shown in one of the pictures? Do you have a plan that uses a spindle leg? Thanks for all the plans! I found your site about a week ago and am hoping to make the simple day bed for our screen porch.

Lisa (not verified)

Mon, 05/24/2010 - 16:00

this is the exact table i have been looking for for in my kitchen!!! i will be attempting to build this. i too wander how i could use spindled legs as opposed to the tapered leg. i love your blog...thank you thank you thank you for these plans :)