Pallet Organizer for Shop - Featuring Clean and Scentsible

hockey stick storage pallet
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Pallet Shop Organization by Clean and Scentsible

I'm almost embarrased to share such a simple idea, but I just couldn't help it. Pallets are so versatile and I love how simple it is to stand one on end, give it a good sanding/stain (or not), and almost make it look like it was built for the intended purpose! 

The little bit of customization that Clean and Scentsible did is just the perfect touch for this old pallet, wouldn't you agree?

I know you've probably seen a million pallet ideas, this one can literally be done in no time at all. It helps to get your gear in one place, even if it just helps tidy up a little bit, I'd say it's worth it.

Simple and free storage is a win!

Check out Clean and Scentsible for some inspiration today! 

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