RYOBI Commercial Pergola

Submitted by Ana White on Fri, 05/02/2014 - 10:20
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Pergola plans from Ana-White.com

Do we ever have a treat for you today!

And you might have already got a sneak peek at it!!!

Have you seen this commercial on TV?

Did you notice the pergola in the commercial?

A bit back, the folks at Ryobi asked me to design a pergola plan for them. And I cannot believe how great it turned out!

And guess what? The folks at Ryobi are sharing the free plans to build this Pergola!!!

And it gets even better! There's also a couple other plans as part of this dream backyard, and if you build any of them and share the results, you could win up to $500 in tools!!!

Enjoy the PERGOLA PLANS here!!!

XO Ana + Family

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Ana White

Thu, 05/08/2014 - 10:28

Hi Tracy, thank you so much for using the plans on my site. Ryobi just went through a pretty massive site redesign this last couple of weeks, and I do apologize if you encountered any bugs. Are you still having issues? I have received word that website issues have been fixed from Ryobi.

I'm glad you like the pergola! It would have been impossible for me to work on a plan this big without help (until kids grow up!) from Ryobi, but of course, I'll continue to provide as many plans as I can here locally.

Thanks so much! XO Ana


Thu, 05/08/2014 - 17:07

Working on this now.

I redesigned the Trellis and did a simple 45 degree angle cut for pergola ends to make it more my style, but overall it is an amazing project.

Issues Encountered:

1. Hard to get to the plans on Ryobi...have to search projects and find it rather than it just bring in the contest tab...

2. Nothing prints but the images. ..rather than the cut list and written directions that come when I print plans from ana-white.com directly...also none of the hardware is shown on the picture plans either...I figured it all out and stabilized with metal brackets after pergola was assembled. :-) def. Recommend brackets for extra stability.

3. The 87 inch length for the rafters was hidden (might have been.my printer or my slightly comatose state due to allergies)..I didnt see it until we went to build pergola. I had cut all 10 trusses at just 8 feet... had to go back and shorten up and re notch one of the sides.

4. Placement of the hardware to hang the swing wasnt shown either. I used 4 eye bolts (one per chain with bolts that each hold 320 pounds) to disburse the weight on the board as I wasnt sure how much weight a 2x6 could handle in the center...I built the modern swing (6 foot long) instead of what was shown so whole family could sit and swing together.

I am finishing up trellis tomorrow and staining/sealing it with Restore stain in Timberline color to match the deck platform we built it on. Will post pictures after that is complete and we finish installing the flagstone patio in front of pergola. :-)

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