Ryobi Dream Workshop Miter Saw Cart

Submitted by Ana White on Wed, 01/17/2018 - 16:22
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Easy Miter Saw Cart stand rolls out for.  Free plans designed by ANA-WHTE.com

miter saw cart plans

I say the most essential tool for a home woodworker is the miter saw.  Having a miter saw allows you to make precise cuts quickly and easily.  If you can get something cut out fast (and right), that's half the battle.  And who can just sit around and look at a pile of already cut boards for a project?  Not me - once the pieces are cut, I've gotta see the project through. If you can win the cutting, you win the project.

But the miter saw is a heavy tool, and is very cumbersome to move.  It also takes up a ton of space, since sliding miter saws need up to 36" of depth - that's a full foot deeper than a standard kitchen cabinet. I'd never recommend 36" deep cabinets - stuff would get lost in the back.

Ryobi recently asked me to help design the ultimate Dream Workshop, and I immecdiately knew the miter saw was the first piece to tackle, and that all else should be built around it.

Simplicity and storage won -

I designed the miter saw on a 24" deep plywood box on casters. When turned and slid forward, the miter saw fit perfect.

The cart tucked neatly inside built in shelving.

To use, you simply pull the miter saw cart away from the wall, lock the casters, and start chopping.

For longer length wood pieces, the side "feed" carts act as supports for your lumber.

I put these plans together for Ryobi Nation, so download the Miter Saw Cart plans here.  And also check out the entire Ryobi Dream Workshop here.

Build and do share!

XO Ana






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