Simple Bunk Bed Plans (Twin over Full)

Submitted by Ana White on Tue, 10/15/2019 - 10:25
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Build your own twin over full bunk beds! Ladder plans included.  These free woodworking plans include step by step diagrams, cut list and shopping list.

We also have a twin over twin bunk bed version of this plan.

twin over full bunk bed

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dimensions diagram for full over twin bunk beds
Dimensions are shown above.


Cut List

See Simple Bed Plans

General Instructions

Make sure you measure your space before building. The bed parts can be assembled in the room, so doorways aren’t as big of an issue.


Step 1

Build the Top Bunk

You will need to build a top bunk made up of two footboards. Simple twin size bunk plans are here. When you add the slats to the headers, start in the center and work your way out. If the spacers do not fit tight at the end spacers, don’t despair. Simpy cut a piece of 1×6 leftover from the header to the exact dimension and use it as the spacer instead of the 1×3 spacer.

Step 2

Build the Bottom Bunk For the bottom bunk, you will need to build the Full Size Simple bed, but this time, build two headboards and no footboards.

Step 3

Assembly Measure the location of the top bunk and mark it on the headers for the bottom bunk. Find the center of the marks and drill a 1″ hole, 3″ deep. Then find the center of the bottom of the legs on the top bunk and drill a 1″ hole, 3″ deep. Use 6″ metal headless bolts or hardwood dowels to hold the bunks together through the drilled holes.

Step 4

Ladder For the ladder, cut two 2x4s 64″ long, with both ends cut at 25 degrees off square parallel to each other. Then on the top edge, mark the top edge in 1 1/2″ from the front top corner. Use a square to mark a line perpendicular to the top cut downward. Cut this line off. These are your ladder sides. Measure and mark the ladder sides and screw the rungs to the ladder sides with 2″ screws and glue. The ladder can be attached with metal brackets or by screwing from the inside of the side rails of the top bunk. Guardrail plans area also available in the Twin Simple Bunk Plans.

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Mon, 10/19/2020 - 11:36

I built this bed and it turned out great! The kids love it. I added some custom LED reading lights to each bunk and the kiddos have their own switches to turn the lights on and off and they seem to enjoy the control it gives them. Everyone I've sent pics to has been impressed (darn COVID so nobody's seen it in person).

One note, the height on the ladder is incorrect. I made the ladder according to the plans and it came out too short. If you add up the component heights the top of the side rail on the upper bunk is 60.5" above the floor. (46.5" total height of lower bunk, plus 8.5" gap between top of lower bunk and bottom of upper bunk side rail, plus 5.5" high side rail = 60.5") The ladder is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with the bunk being a side leg of 60.5" and an acute angle of 25 degrees at the top so the ladder length should be roughly 66.75" (that's 66 3/4").

Unfortunately I didn't realize this until after the ladder was done and painted so my ladder just ends up looking a little funny ending a couple inches short of the top of the side rail.


Mon, 11/30/2020 - 11:30

How did you attach the top bed to to the bottom bed? I'm confused as to how to do it. Is there something somewhere that shows a picture?



Fri, 01/01/2021 - 09:59

Thank you Ana!! My husband and I have followed so many of your plans and love following your directions.

I have a question about the bunk beds. We just completed them and there is a sway back and forth when my daughter moves in the top bunk. Is this normal or is there something we could do to remedy this.

Thank you again for sharing because we have enjoyed working as a family.

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