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Make your own wood drawer organizers - It’s so quick and easy, you can do this in five minutes!  Works with almost any drawer - even metal drawer sides, and is endlessly customizeable.  Easy to remove and reconfigure without damaging your drawer.  Created by Ana White.


And organized drawer can hold more, make finding things easier.

My roadblock with drawer organizers has always been the planning stage.  I'd stall out when it came to measuring the drawer, then trying to find specific sized containers and organizers, hoping it all fit in the drawer and wouldn't wobble around.  I'd just quit, it was too much and too much shopping, spending... and too much fear of having to return organizers that didn't fit work out.

This method is SO simple, just open a drawer, create the dividers right on the spot.  And if you don't like it or change your mind, just unstick and restick it.


This is the Best Drawer Organizer Solution, Here’s Why-

  • Quick and Easy - install right in your home with minimal tools in just minutes
  • Removeable and reconfigureable without damaging drawers
  • No planning and sourcing specific sized dividers
  • Cheap - about $5 for this drawer as shown
  • Works with almost any drawer, including metal sides
  • Wood organizers are beautiful, not bulky and easily customized for different depth organizers.

stick on drawer organizers

What You'll Need

  • 3/8" or 1/2" Plastic C Channel (available from Amazon here) - match board thickness
  • 3/8" or 1/2" thick wood pieces, 2-1/2" width most popular but can do other widths for deeper or shallower dividers (available at Lowes nor Mendards) - match c-channel thickness
  • Mounting tape, 1/2" width, I used this one
  • Pruning Shears or Heavy Duty Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Jigsaw or other saw for cutting wood to lengths



How to Make Your Own Stick-On Drawer Dividers

Clear out the drawer and clean it well.  The sides need to be cleaned so the mounting tape will stick.

Measure and mark where the first divider is to be placed.  

diy drawer dividers

Cut the C-channel with pruning shears or heavy duty scissors.  The cut length should match the board width - in my example, I used 1-1/2" wide boards, so I cut my c-channel pieces 1-1/2" long.  You'll need two c-channel pieces per divider.


diy drawer organizer

Cut the mounting tape to fit the backs of the channel and stick to backs.

drawer divider how to

In the drawer, measure and mark the centers of the desired divider location, at both the bottom and right above where the c-channel is to be installed, making sure the mark would be visible when sticking the c-channel in place.

diy drawer organizer


Stick the c-channel pieces inside the drawer. 

cutting wood with jigsaw

Measure inside the c-channel and cut wood pieces to fit, so the pieces fit snug but not too tight.  I found if I cut my wood pieces 1/4" less than the overall measurement of the space (no c-channel figured in), it worked out good. 

I used a jigsaw to cut, but a miter saw, circular saw, or even a hand saw works just fine too.

diy drawer organizer

Insert the cut wood piece into the c-channels.

diy wood organizer drawer

Repeat as desired - the more dividers you add in, the more stable the system will be.

diy wood drawer organizer


WATCH! Video of Stick-On Drawer Organizers

Here's a very quick video of me tackling a drawer.  I do recommend the pruning shears instead of the scissors for cutting the c-channel, this was a much cleaner method of cutting it.


Ideas for Organizing Drawers

Now that organizing drawers with wood dividers is easy, here's some ways you can use it

  • Junk Drawer - at least section out into general categories,  for example office supplies, batteries, etc
  • Kitchen Drawers - utensils and towels, and don't forget deep drawers for reuseable containers and snack items
  • Dresser drawers - using a drawer will be much easier with dividers
  • Office Drawers - an organized office drawer will help you inventory your supplies and restock easily
  • Bathroom Drawers - make daily routines a breeze with organized bathroom drawers

I have been going around my house, organizing drawers.  It's amazing how this simple tutorial has changed my entire household!


More About Choosing Wood

3/8" wood is what is shown in the photos and videos.  I have also done 1/2".  Both work just fine, really will depend on what wood is available to you.  

The depth shown in these photos and video is 1-1/2" (may be referred to as 2" when buying but it is actual dimension of 1-1/2").  I like this shallow depth because it is easy to reach in small spaces if the depth is short.  Avoid tall, narrow dividers that are hard to reach in.

For wood species, I used pine.  There are other options, even softer wood like balsa, or more expensive hardwoods.  All work just fine.  You could even use hardwood plywood that is ripped into strips.



How Much Material Do I Need?

For my one drawer shown, I used right at 1 foot of c-channel and about 2 linear feet of wood board.  My advice would be to purchase the pack of c-channel from Amazon, and then just cut and use it up as you go around the house, you'll be wanting to tackle all your drawers!  


FAQ About Stick On Drawer Organizers

  • What else can I use in place of the C Channel?  Metal c channel, PVC shelf edging moulding or u channel are all options.  Also, if you have a 3D printer, you can print your own.
  • Should I pre-finish the wood pieces?  If in the kitchen or bathroom, I would.  A quick clear poly would be sufficient.
  • Can I attach to the bottom?  You may wish to, especially on longer spans.  Just add mounting tape to the bottom of the board when you slide it into the c-channel
  • My plastic pieces are sharp.  What can I do? Try cutting the plastic pieces a little short.  You can also trim sharp edges off with scissors.




See Also: Metal C-Channel Drawer Organizers

This idea was built off my original metal C-Channel drawer organizer tutorial.  The metal channel is harder to do, as you have to file down the metal pieces so there's no sharp edges, but it does produce a nice finished product.  

diy drawer dividers


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Stick-On Drawer Organizers - Cheap, Quick and Easy!