Teen Platform Bed with Storage Side

teen platform bed frame
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Plans for teen platfomr bed with side storage shelves.  Free tutorials by ANA-WHITE.com

If you are looking to take on a bedroom makeover, I always suggest starting with the bed and bedding.

The bed will guide how the rest of the furniture is placed, and how the room functions and traffic flows.  The bedding will inspire the colors and patterns in the room.

Last week we started working on our tween daughter's bedroom.  The room is long and narrow, with a slanted ceiling (making the room even more narrow functionally) with a dormer window. 

With a full size bed, I was hesitant to place the bed on the far wall - the ceiling slopes rather low on the far corner.

The other option was to place the bed under the window.  This would really divide the room up, but since we have a playroom and a play loft area just outside each bedroom, I thought dividing the room up might actually make sense.

A tween (and very soon teenager) doesn't need wide open spaces to do cart wheels and play duck duck goose.  Instead, she needs spaces for lounging with friends, perhaps a desk area, clothing storage, and (even if Daddy can't accept quite yet) a vanity for getting ready.

So we took the bed-dividing-the-room idea one step further and designed a platform bed with a storage side on it.

And then we built it.

I love how when you walk in the room, the bed is the focal point.

But on the other side of the bed is lots of storage and room.

Since the storage is hidden from the entry, we don't have to fuss about keeping things perfect and color-coordinated.  Our kids put their own things away, but it's not always in a magazine worthy way.

This was a fun and easy project, using all 1x and 2x boards (no tablesaw or plywood required).  We were able to finish it over the couse of a couple of days, certainly a project a family could tackle in a weekend.

We did a video on building this bed, you can watch it all happen here -

And I'm sharing the plans for this bed (full size) over at RyobiNation.




Please do share if you build, we love seeing your projects!

XO Ana


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