2x4 Outdoor Chairs and Side Table

I built the 2 chairs and side table using Ana's plans. Wood in the UK is perhaps not as cheap and ubiquitous, so I managed to get hold of some rough siberian larch to build them. After what seemed like a lot of sanding I started cutting. I've used stainless steel screws and have used a plug cutter on a mahogany board I had to plug the screw holes. I really liked the contrast and neatness that this has given the project. I also used some rubber feet to raise it off the ground and try and reduce any water damage. The side table is reduced in size from the 2 foot version in the plans, this was easy enough once I'd worked out the impact on all of the other measurements. My wife has commented that I should have used less wood in my next project as they are very heavy, they certainly aren't going anywhere! My wife did produce the lovely grey cushions that you see in the pictures.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
Used a wood preserver followed by a coat of stain to obtain the light finish seen
Recommended Skill Level