Simple House Build - Wall Framing, Floor Framing- Episode 2

We are building a simple house in Alaska.  To keep costs down without sacrificing energy efficiency and square footage, we simplified the design.  The floor plan is compact, but well planned.  We are hoping to create a home for resale that is more affordable upfront and over it's lifetime - heating a home in Alaska can be so expensive.

Last week we got started by finalizing the design, building the foundation, and creating the main floor system.

This week, t

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Simple House Plan - Episode 1

Housing costs are rising faster than wages - making it more and more difficult for people to own their own homes.  Up here in Alaska, where heating oil costs are also rising, we have to compensate by super insulating our homes - driving up the cost even more.  It's hard to afford a decent home these days.

Jacob and I had a chance to buy a burned house a couple of years ago, and this year is the year for us to build a house on the existing foundation.  We plan to

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Guest Room Reveal

Our guest room is finally done, and we are so excited to share with you the completed space and all the projects!

We spent about $600 furnishing this room, including a farmhouse bed, large wood nightstands, a convertible twin sleeper chair, a mini kitchenette, a hidden closet, and more! 

If we'd bought all this - we'd be in the thousands - the bed alone would double our budget!

The snack cabinet holds a mini fridge and a micr

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Outdoor Wood Furniture Finishing Secrets

Hi folks!  Spring is finally here in Alaska and I'm dreaming about outdoor furnishings!  For those of you working on outdoor furnishings, I wanted to take a second to share some of my outdoor finishing secrets with you.

Finishing outdoor furniture is more like finishing a deck than a dining room table - especially if you live in a wet climate. So today I thought I'd share a few of my hard earned outdoor furniture finishing secrets with my blog friends.


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Project Roundup: Mudroom Solutions

Having a well organized mudroom or entryway or dropzone - whatever you want to call it! - is essential to having a clean uncluttered home.  Living in Alaska, where we have twice the gear and the gear is twice the size (it's true, everything is twice as big in Alaska LOL), here's a few tips -

Goal number one - nothing is stored on the floor Have more storage than you need.  Open shelves are opportunities for things to be set somewhere other than the floor. Opt

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2018 Top 10 Projects

Happy New Year! 

We are so excited about this coming year's projects and can't wait to start building again!  But we wanted to take a quick second and appreciate what we worked on in 2018.

The baby sure kept us busy in 2018, but we still managed to tackle quite a few projects!  If you liked any of the projects and might be inspired to build, here's the links to all the projects shown -

Master Bath (All Projects)Modern Farmhouse BedModern Farmhouse Nightsta

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Financing Your Project or Renovation

This post is sponsored by American Express Personal Loans.

Are you looking to tackle a big project or renovation?  Considering a new kitchen, addition, or maybe even a tiny house? 

DIY will save you a ton of money, and I always encourage people to do as much as they can themselves.  Whether it’s tackling your own kitchen cabinet build or taking care of the demo, the more you can do yourself, the more you can stretch your budget.

We just finished up a re

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BEHR® Think Outside the House Challenge 2018

This post is sponsored by BEHR®Paint.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Are you thinking outside this summer? Behr asked me to take on the Think Outside the House Challenge, which was to to use BEHR® Exterior products to complete a weekend DIY project within a budget of $1,000. We’ve been needing an outdoor dining solution for our small deck.  

When space is limited, I always first think up.  This trick applies to

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Easy Way to "Grey" Furniture Without Refinishing It

This post is brought to you by Varathane.  All opinions expressed are my own.



Do you have a piece of finished wood furniture that you love, but wish it was just a little "grey?" 

Weathered grey tones are a neutrel way of adding texture and dimension to a room, without cluttering a space with different wood hues.  It's no wonder the grey trend is so in right now.

Last year, I built the Two Tool $50 Farmhouse Table, and finished it with

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Welcome Everly Rose

We are so excited to introduce to our friends and blog family our newest addition.

Everly Rose White was born on May 10 at 11:11 AM - coincentally her look-a-like sister was also born at 11:11, eleven years earlier.

One day shy of two weeks late, we are thankful we were able to bring her into the world naturally and in good health with the assitance of the Alaska Family Health & Birth Center, where our two older children were born as well.

It's been a whirlwind three wee

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Introducing Spruc'd

Hi folks!  We've got some exciting news today!  For the past year - yes, I've been keeping this under wraps for a year! -  I've been working hard with my good friend and fellow maker, Jen Woodhouse on an exciting new project. We are thrilled to finally get to share it all with you today!

We are launching a brand new website Spruc*d -

Spruc'd is the first of it's kind - a marketplace just for premium furntiure plans. Spruc'd

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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen ... Almost Done

In this week's video, we added wall cabinets - finally! - to our DIY kitchen!

The open shelves (plans coming soon) were such a fun and perfect addition to our kitchen.

I thought I'd also share a few photos of the kitchen for those of you who haven't seen the video.

Before  .....

A dozen sheets of plywood later .....

We've got alot going on in the ceiling woodwork, so I knew I wanted simple white cabinets to not compete.&nbs

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Our Laundry Room "Machine" Tour + Sources

Even a small laundry room can be a dream laundry room.

My husband and I just finished up our laundry room project, and we couldn't be happier.  Gone are the piles of laundry on the floor, laundry baskets stacked in the bedroom, or even smaller sins - like everything, including whites, being thrown into the same wash.  We've planned, built, and implemented a "laundry machine" that has taken a family's dirtiest task and made it a thing of beauty.

A few weeks back, we start

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Rustic Modern Farmhouse Bath Tour + Sources

Special thanks to American Standard for providing product for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.



Our master bath is finally done!  We finished up a few of the odds and ends in this week's video, but I wanted to do a blog post with a source list, so you can get the look too!

First, a few photos!

Sometime about 15 years ago I saw a magazine photo of a bathtub perfectly centered on the doorway, and that's been stuck in my head eve

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Our Simple, Safe & Smart Holiday Front Door

We are thankful to have product provided by Schlage in exchange for sharing our honest experience.  All opinions expressed are my own.


It's the Holiday season up here in Alaska, and we are celebrating our first Christmas in our new home.

I've always dreamed of a beautiful front door at Christmas time - a cheery entry, greeting our family each day, and reminding us that it is the season to be merry and bright.  But the holidays to me are all about s

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