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Simplified 8' Barn Door Console Plans

One of our most popular projects is this barn door console.  But we wanted to make it even simpler and easier to build - and in a longer length! - so more people can have this amazing project in their home for about $350.  The console in this plan is a whopping eight feet long, three feet tall and about 16" deep (it's BIG).  Paint or stain any color.  Free plans by Ana-White.com

Updated: 6' Version Now Available Here

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Twin Corner Beds System

Shared rooms can be more creative than the awkward bunk bed or loft bed situation.  If you have the space, twin corner beds might be the perfect solution. It acts as a headboard for both beds and contain storage, and a surface - much like a built-in table or nightstand for resting a book or water bottle.

This is a space saving design compared with twin beds placed headboard to the wall - consuming the entire room!  This solution can work even in a room with limited space.<

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Mudroom Locker Hutches - How to Build in Any Size

I built my own custom mudroom cabinetry in a custom size, for thousands less then buying it.  Mudroom cabinetry is actually pretty easy to build, and with this tutorial, you'll be able to get just the right size.

I also built the mudroom bench - the bench tutorial is here.



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Built in Mudroom Bench with Open Bottom - Build in Any Size

I built my own mudroom bench using plywood pieces and a pine top.  It turned out amazing, I was able to get the perfect size I needed, and it cost thousands less than buying custom cabinetry.  

I love this open bottom bench because it is easy to clean underneath, has maximum height for storing taller boots, shoes can be easily slid underneath, and it is easy and inexpensive to build.

My mudroom bench turned out so well, we've been using it for a few years no

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Window Seat with Drawers

Build your own window seat or mudroom bench with drawers!  This is a plywood based plan, that can be topped with your choice of wood on top.  This plan is designed to be easy to customize in length. 

We use this bench in our dining area to support dining table activities - arts and crafts, board games, and one drawer is a laptop drawer.  Having this drawer bench in our dining room enables us to use our dining table as an office, to play board games, and for the k

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