50 DIY Planter Projects

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner, what does that mean? It's time to get planting! 

We've complied 50 of the best FREE planter plans on the internet. 

These planter projects will suit large areas or small. Whether you want to plant fruits, veggies, flowers, greenery, strawberries, or just add a touch of sweet smelling aroma and a pop of color, we promise, there is something here for everybody!

Enjoy browsing, planning and building! We are here with you each step of the way. If you have questions, we're always available at [email protected] to help with your projects! Please share and tag #anawhite if you do build!



1. Raised Planter Box

raised planter box beginner diy planter raised planter easy planter

This is a kid friendly build, a perfect family project, also great for beginner woodworkers who want to try out their new tools! Raised beds for gardening can be so expensive!  Here's a quick and easy DIY to build your own and save some money! The secret? Use inexpensive cedar fence pickets for the sides.  



2. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Planter

Cedar Tiered Ladder Planter vertical planter

Here’s a way to have a small garden, even if you have minimal space - a vertical garden ladder planter!  It's perfect for tiny backyards or a patio or balcony - even if you live in a small apartment in the city.

Made of cedar fence pickets, this ladder planter will hold up to the elements. It’s a beginner project and you only need a few tools to tackle it.



3. Tiered Flower Planter

tiered planter box herb garden cedar planter

This tiered planter is a simple beginner friendly project, using a couple of tools, cedar fence pickets and some 1x2's. This can be finished, or left natural to save even more time and money! Plant it with flowers or herbs for a great addition to the home.

Reader build



4. Outdoor Planter Steps or Benches

planter stairs planter bench planter steps

These outdoor planter steps are easy to make and could also work as outdoor benches. This is a great way to add stairs to an area, that is not only functional but also beautiful!



5. Easy Build Planter Box

easy build planter box easy planter cedar planter box

This is our easiest to build DIY planter box, built by hundreds of people!  It is made primarily with cedar fence pickets, we've designed it to keep the cost down.  You'll just need a few basic tools to construct it.



6. Tall Wood Planters

tall wood planters tapered planters tall cedar planter

This tall wood planter, uses inexpensive cedar fence pickets and easy cutting to keep the cost and time investment down.  With it's cool, modern design with tapered sides, it will add style to any outdoor space.



7. Modern Paver Planter

modern paver planter

This modern paver planter is built with just some concrete pavers and 2x2's, let us show you how!

Built by Our Life is Beautiful



8. Cedar Planter

cedar planter planter box

Our original cedar planter plan is the perfect project to use up some scraps, maybe use pallet wood as seen here or cedar fence pickets to keep the cost down. Another project that has been built and loved hundreds of times!

Built by sharshar1690



9. Wooden Planter Bench

wooden planter bench bench with planters

This planter bench by Woodshop Diaries is awesome! If you don't want to include the bench in the middle take it out and just build the planters. A great way to add extra outdoor seating, that is also beautiful!



10. Planter Ladder

ladder planter for potted plants

This is a quick easy ladder planter for pots by Shanty 2 Chic! Love that it would work great for plants, herbs, and succulents. Also great for small spaces!



11. Self Watering Planter

self watering planter

How pretty and cool is this self watering planter by Anika's DIY Life! Go check out the step by step instructions to build your own. 



12. Modern Cedar Planter

modern cedar planter

This beautiful cedar planter by DIY Huntress is great for any outdoor space and can be used for anything you want to grow and will look beautiful too!



13. Tall Planter Box

tall planter box

This tall planter box looks great raised up, we love the different size options! This plan can be found over at The Inspired Workshop. 



14. House Number Planter Box

house number plant box

Add a little charm and curb appeal to the front of your house, with this darling house number plant box by Pretty Handy Girl!



15. Cedar Wall Planter

cedar wall planter vertical planter vertical garden

This cedar wall planter is great for small spaces, maybe some fresh garden herbs right outside your door and it looks great too! Rogue Engineer has the plan for this one!



16. Tiered Garden Bed Planters

tiered planter box planter with trellis off the ground garden bed

This planter includes a trellis, and is also great for a small area to add some fresh veggies to the home. Find this plan over at Anika's DIY Life, be sure to check out her post for all the details!



17. Salad Garden on Your Balcony

container gardening small space garden garden box salad garden

This is known as container gardening, maybe you don't have the space, or maybe you don't want a big garden, just one big enough to make a salad. How great would it be to just step right outside and grab everything needed for a fresh salad! This planter and step by step plan, is shared on eHow.



18. Chippendale Planter

chippendale planeter

Want to add that popular geometric design to a your outdoor space, House Becoming Home shows us how to build this pretty planter. 



19. Planter with Pole for String Lights

planter with pole for lights outdoor light planter

Want to create an outdoor string light border and add some greenery to an outdoor space? Consider this plan to do just that! At Charlottes House has step by step plans to build your own!



20. Monogram Planter

monogram planter

We love this hanging monogram planter! Add a custom touch to the front porch! Check out the full post over at Remodelaholic!



21. Scrap Wood Planter

scrap wood project scrap wood planter

A planter isn't such a big project that some of that wood laying around in the scrap pile can't be used for! Check out this scrap wood planter by The Inspired Workshop!



22. Square Planter Box

square planter box planter made with 2x4's

Using just 2x4's, this would be another great potential to use up some scraps! This one is built out of cedar boards, so will work well outdoors! Check out this tutorial over at Two Feet First!



23. Step Down Tiered Planter

Step down tiered planter easy planter

We love this step down tiered planter design, a super easy and beautiful way to add a floral feature! Another favorite from Anikas DIY Life! 



24. Rolling Planter Box

rolling planter box planter on casters planter on wheels moveable planter mobile planter

Planters can be heavy to move around, why not add some wheels! This mobile planter is genius and you can build it with the help of I Should Be Mopping the Floor.



25. Railing Planter Box

railing planter box

If you have outdoor railings, consider adding a flower or herb box to sit on it! This is a great design, easy to customize to any size railing. This one is by BHG, go grab the tutorial!



26. House Number Planter Box

house number box planter house number planter

Get creative by adding your house number to a planter box! This simple design adds so much curb appeal while also displaying the house number, SMART! Check it out at Rain on a Tin Roof!



27. Hose Hiding Planter Box

hose hiding planter hidden hose planter

We love multifunctional projects! A planter that hides the hose, now that's too good. Check this one at by Jamie Costiglio!



28. Modern Planter Box

modern planter box

If you love the modern style, Woodshop Diaries has the plan for this beautiful modern planter box! We love that it can be built in different sizes, be sure and check that out!



29. Cedar Window Box

window box cedar window planter box

There are a lot of plans out there for window planter boxes, we love the simplicity and look of this one by Joyful Derivatives!



30. Raised Planter with Trellis

raised planter with trellis

This raised planter with trellis is not only beautiful and functional, it will make using and weeding it that much more enjoyable at the raised height! This one is shared by Jen Woodhouse, so make sure you check it out!



31. Porch Planter Bench

porch bench planter

This is great for a small porch, and conceals that there is a bench behind the planter. Great for package deliveries and looks pretty too! This design can be found over at 100 Things 2 Do!



32. Tall Cedar Planter

tall cedar planter narrow tall planter

If you're looking for a narrow planter to fit a tight space, this one fits the bill and how about those contrasting beautiful pops of blue! You can find this plan and all the details at The Navage Patch!



33. DIY Wood Planter

wood planter rope detail farmhouse planter

We love the look and feel of this planter, the added details make it extra attractive! This wood planter plan is over at Cherished Bliss!



34. Railing Planter

railing planter planter that sits on top of railing

This cute little planter sits on top of the railing as opposed to hanging from the side. This designs adds to more privacy and a different look! Check out more details over at Canadian Home Workshop!



35. Raised Vegetable Garden with Compost Bin

raised garden compost bin urban farming

This veggie producing raised planter is great for an urban backyard! The super cool thing about this design is it works in the compost portion too! Check out all the details over at Lazy Guy DIY!



36. Planter Box for Cascading Flowers

cascading planter pallet planter box

This is a progress shot of the cascading flowers, no need to go out and buy expensive wood here! Her Toolbelt used pallet wood to create this awesome design, check it out for yourself!



37. Lattice Planter Box

lattice planter box

Another great plan by Anika's DIY Life! This lattice planter box will look great in any outdoor space, add a pop of color and some texture easily! 



38. Two-Tiered Vertical Planter

two tiered planter stacked planter

Looking for more of a privacy planter or a stacked/tiered look, check out this awesome design by Jen Woodhouse!



39. Cedar Bench Planter

cedar bench planter

This modern cedar bench planter makes a statement! Who knew a bunch of stacked 2x4's could look this amazing! Check out more details over at My Daily Randomness!



40. Box Cedar Planters

box cedar planter

Another cool modern design that can be easily modified for size and another great way to add a house number to the front porch! The details for this plan are over at Uncookie Cutter!



41. Mailbox Planter with Address

mailbox planter small mailbox planter house number planter

Add a pop of greenery to the house mailbox easily and affordably! This one is by the Junq Drawer!



42. Wood and Metal Planter

wood and metal planter rustic farmhouse planter

Wanting to add a metal element for a rustic farmhouse feel? Head over to Pneumatic Addict for her awesome plans!



43. Freestanding Vertical Planter with Drip Watering System

vertical planter with drip watering system freestanding vertical planter vertical garden

Check out this vertical garden that is freestanding and includes a drip self watering function! SWEET! The full plan and details is over at Houseful of Handmade.



44. Small Planter Box with Trellis

small planter box with trellis

Depending on what is being planted, sometimes it's necessary to include a trellis so plants can climb and thrive! This cute little planter box with trellis is by The Handyman's Daughter!



45. Long Tall Narrow Planter

long tall narrow planter

Sometimes a space just calls for a long, tall and narrow planter! We love the clean look of this planter. Instructions can be found at Georgia Pellegrini's page



46. Outdoor Hanging Planter

outdoor hanging planter

This gives a new definition to floating shelves! Want to add some small potted plants to an outdoor area easily and affordably, check out this hanging planter by Shanty 2 Chic!



47. Hanging Vertical Herb Garden

vertical herb garden

Hanging vertical herb garden, great for a tight space. Hang it to a wall or a fence to add fresh herbs or small flowers to be enjoyed! More details on this plan are over at Making Joy and Pretty Things!



48. Vertical Planter with Storage

vertical planter with storage cedar storage planter

Vertical planters are great if you don't have a lot of space! This one is by Handyman's Daughter and she incorporates storage too, be sure to check it out!



49. Strawberry Planter

strawberry planter diy strawberry planter

Fresh strawberries? Yes please! Another awesome plan by The Handyman's Daughter, the perfect strawberry planter!



50. Privacy Planter

privacy planter large planter box raised privacy planter

This is our newest planter plan! Perfect for urban areas, to provide that much needed privacy! OR just about anywhere to create a barrier or wall, that look beautiful too. Plant it will nice greenery, flower plants, or use as a large raised garden. Check out these brand new plans!




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