Cabin Kitchen Reveal with Sources

This summer, on our free weekends, we've been working on a boat-in only project in remote Alaska.  It's a tiny house sized cabin, on a lake about two hours from our home.  

At just under 400 square feet on the main level, this project is quite a challenge - especially if multiple families are using the cabin at the same time.  That means 10-12 people need to be able to sit on the main level, eat comfortably, and there has to be enough beds for everyone.

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NEW! Design and Create Your Own Furniture Projects!

Now you can customize your home with just a few clicks!

Shelf Help is a service I created that enables you to design just about any cabinet made with plywood.  We set up a professional factory with precise panel saws and trained craftspeople to cut out your custom design and ship it to your door.  From there, you can further customize to fit your needs and taste.

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Here's how Shelf Help Works

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Cabin House Build Episode 9: How We Build and Finish Wood Ceilings

We are building a small, simple cabin style house in Alaska to sell.  We hope the end result will be an affordable, efficient, low maintenance home, that does not lack on comfort and style, for one family.

Roofs are a big deal.  Since heat rises, having a well insulated roof is essential to heating a home efficiently.  Roofs also add the greatest character to a home - both inside and out.  We love building exposed timbered ceilings for these reasons:


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