Bunk Bed From a Loft Bed

This bunk bed was made out the Camp Loft bed plans. With my daughter out growing her toddler bed, we really needed a "big girl" bed without giving up too much space. This was perfect. It was really easy to add an extra set of 2x6's around the bottom of the loft, and poof, it’s a bunk bed. The kids really love it and it is really strong. I weigh about 250 lbs and it doesn't even move when I get on the top bunk. To accommodate for the lower bunk, I raised it to 72” high. As you can see, I also added extra vertical supports on the top rails. I did this so all the weight on the top bunk wasn’t only supported by the 2x6s, but also the 2x4s as well.

I also painted it white becuase that matched the other furnature in the room better than staining it. To keep the wood from seeping sap all over the paint, I sealed it with BIN primer before painting it with latex paint.

I don’t have much experience building furniture, but this was extremely easy. The wood cost us around $100. Slightly more than the post said, but I added a few extra 2x4s and since comparable bunk beds are being sold for about $800, this was a steal. The plans were great and my son and I had a great time building it. Thanks for posting it

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
BIN primer (2 coats), latex flat paint, a lot of sanding
Recommended Skill Level