Castle loft bed

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 10/13/2016 - 14:47

I had been searching for a loft bed for my son for some time but couldn’t find anything affordable until I stumbled across these great plans! I found the instructions to be very easy to follow (though I did spend a lot of time going over them first) and the cut diagrams were great to prevent waste. I also fell in love with hmkeith11 paint job which I copied as well. I used Behr paint in pencil sketch and just a large grout sponge to make the bricks. Super easy and turned out great.

I made a few modifications to the plans. First I made the towers 6ft tall but did not change the height of the mattress platform. I also made the towers one piece and just cut the tops of them to get the “castle look”. I made the towers taller so the rail on the front would be bigger and allow for a more “secure” feeling when sleeping (and to ease my fears of two fearless boys jumping on the bed). I also eliminated the small front piece that connects the slide to the tower. I just made the front door panel longer and attached the slide right to the tower with a few screws. I like the look better and it eliminates a small rail at the top of this small panel giving it clean look (in my opinion). I also added a small door under the stairs since the wall was long enough in my son’s room. Its fun and adds a second exit point. Lastly, I modified the supports for the mattress based on some other brag posts feedback. I rested the support beams on the plywood sides and added a third beam and 2 beams going across tied into the wall studs and the front door panel. I wanted to feel 100% sure my very active kids couldn’t bring this bed down. I also added a piece of plywood on top of the bed supports since we have memory foam mattress, this gave the mattress the correct support it needs.

This was by far the biggest woodworking project I have ever taken on. It took me 2 months of working just weekends for only a few hours a day and some evenings after my kids went to sleep. Perfect size project for me. I’m also a short female, so go for it moms! You can do it!

I had also never cut such large pieces of plywood and didn’t know how to get my cuts straight. I found out how to make a skill saw guide and boom! Problem solved. Just buy a piece of Masonite, rip a 4 inch piece then glue it down on the other piece with the manufacture straight edge pointing in and you got yourself a guide for straight cuts! Here is a link:

My son is thrilled with his bed and it was a great challenge to build!

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