Children's Playhouse

Submitted by Markb25 on Wed, 10/28/2020 - 08:54

A few years back I decided to build a playhouse for my daughters birthday, the ones available locally were plastic garbage. Since then people started coming forward asking me to build ones for their kids, which is great as it's kept me busy and sane after being forced into early retirement. I've stuck mainly to the more traditional looking on ground house but, soon requests came in for treehouse-style ones; taking Ana's playhouse deck plans and adapting them slightly I now starting my fifth order for a platform house. Being in Cyprus all our timber is imported and very limited, I've more chance of seeing a Unicorn than a piece of Cedar which has meant a little more work involved to make sure they withstand up to the elements, we only get around 20 days of rain a year but, the summer heat is like the surface of the sun. Fortunately, with this not being a new problem there are plenty of options available for preservation/protection, the 'colours of Greece' range by Kraft paints perfect, its sprays beautifully and the colours spot-on for kids.

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
For the main part, the houses have been finished using wood aqua by kraft paints using the 'colours of Greece' range, lots of soft pastels and Mediterranean inspired colours. the application was using via HVLP spray gun and four coats. Sanded lightly with 220 grit in between coats and finished with up to and including 1500 grit post paint to give a glass-like finish.
Recommended Skill Level