Easy Workshop Workbench

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 07/01/2022 - 04:21

Great plan and great instructions (especially the cuts). My only two deviations from the original design were to use carriage bolts to secure the long apron pieces to the legs (I like to have the bench frame be more flexible while I add the components and then tighten everything up once all the pieces are in place) and to add adjustable feet (You might have stellar tradesmen up there, but down in the Pennsylvania woods, we tend to get the C & D graduates from Trade School; hence, level, evenness, & square are rare qualities to be celebrated when encountered and not taken for granted). My only other comment regarding the instructions would be to mention in the tools required that either a big honking set of clamps (36" span) or maybe ratcheting straps would be a good thing to hold the shell together while you are trying to screw the cross pieces into the shell. Maybe you are good enough to do it without clamps / straps , but I sure couldn't get the (slippery) glued cross pieces to stay put without some kind of support. Other than that, great design and instructions. Thanks!