Farmhouse Bed (hybrid)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 11:45

This is my first time building anything! I had so much fun and it was actually easier than I anticipated. I used the Farmhouse Bed (queen) plan as the basis for my design, but made a couple of tweaks. I wanted the planks in the headboard and footboard to be horizontally oriented instead of vertical. In addition, I bought some hardware for the side rails to hook into my bed posts so that I could easily assemble and disassemble the bed. I went to a lumber mill to select my wood and the worker convinced me to use red oak to build the project, due to the cost and the durability. I stained it with a white wash which I added a sage green tint to so that I could mute the red in the oak a bit. I wasn't able to buy the exact dimensions of lumber noted in the plans so I had to improvise. For example, they didn't have 4x4s so I glued 3 boards together to make my posts. By the time I sanded, the pieces blended beautifully and you can't even tell that it is 3 separate pieces of lumber. I built this bed for our guest room and I can't wait to have guests over!

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