Farmhouse rustic L shaped desk

Submitted by Devorlast on Sun, 01/02/2022 - 17:34

This was my second project. My Wife asked me for a desk and gave me a pintrest link, except that they had no dimensions, cut list or even material list. I found some youtube vids that covered same type desk and made my own plans.
Again, the whole thing was made with table saw and battery powered drill. Well, not counting the sander and hand plane.
I was initially going to provide the plans, material list, cut list etc but a lot of the cuts were done by eyeball and I don't wish the pain of doing this project without a miter saw on my worst enemy...
Overall it came out a lot better then I thought it would considering my lack of experience and "know how". Table top is held together using pocket holes and wood glue, the article on Ana's website about table tops helped me a ton!
As for stains its cherry on the bottom and aged white on the top. The 4x4's that I used for the base were of some red hued wood so the cherry color blended them with the white wood 2x4's that make up the decoration supports.
If you have any questions feel free to ask, this was my second project and I learned a lot of do's and dont's.

Total cost ~$200.
Total time, for me it was about 30 hours over two weeks, if you know what you doing and got the right tools probably half of that.