Full Size Loft

So I had an IKEA DELSEV single bed frame which i bought off someone who didn't need it anymore. Great sturdy bed for $25, but I wanted more space in my rental room, so I decided to go loft given the generous ceiling height. I did some research for ideas to convert my current bed, and found the perfect one at your site! I made modifications to your plans so that I would be able to walk underneath without having to slouch, and adjusted some measurements to integrate the IKEA bed frame. The project only cost me $38 worth of timber, screws were pinched (with permission!) from my landlord's stash, and this was the result after 3 days of cutting, sanding, partial assembly, staining and varnishing, and final assembly! The small tin of stain and varnish was originally for a wooden rack project for my vintage bicycle, and i managed to cover both rack and bed frame with the entire tin, down to the very last drop!

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
British Paints Stain and Varnish, Maple Satin
Recommended Skill Level