Garage Sliding Screen Doors

Inspired by your diy barn door hardware, I wanted to create a way to have airflow in my garage as I work in there without the nuisance of bees, flies, and hummingbirds entering in. Since this is my first attempt to make a project like this, a few mistakes were made along the way, but, overall, I am happy to say my objective has been accomplished! Thank you, Ana, for inspiring me to start and finish this project to the end!DI

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Thu, 02/16/2023 - 12:52

Amazing, can you tell me what thickness your flat bar was and what size Fender washers you used. I am wanting make hardware for a door that is 27.5 inches wide by around 68 inches high. It is 1.5 inches thick. So I’m also curious what size bolts you used as I want to ensure 1/4inch bolts are enough. I’m struggling to find 2 inch diameter fender washers that have a 1/4 inch hole. I’m excited to make the hardware as traditional hardware is too big for the space. Any ideas are appreciated.