I loved building this kitchen!

Although I know the original idea for this plan was to save space, I ended up building a bigger version. I loved the design and overall look but wanted something with more counter space. My husband does property maintenance, and is always coming home with scraps of wood he salvaged from work. I dug through his wood pile for 90% of the wood I used on this project. I repurposed most of the accessories and bought the rest (including the hardware) from the dollar store. I spent a total of $38 on the entire project! I absolutely love how it turned out and can't wait to see the look on my daughters face on her birthday!

Estimated Cost
Estimated Time Investment
Week Long Project (20 Hours or More)
Finish Used
I listed the price at $150 because wood is expensive when buying from the hardware store, but instead of purchasing the wood, I used scraps from my husbands job. I made a few variations from the original plans. First, I extended the counter by a foot and built an additional cabinet/ counter area using the same compartment measurements as the original plans. I left an 8" overhang of counter space on the additional cabinet section and rounded it off just like the original plans had. I left the lower back corner completely open and bracketed the two pieces together from underneath. instead of using plywood for the backing, I chose to use a very sturdy particle board. I sewed the curtains by hand from an old table cloth, and used rubber cabinet liner from the dollar store attached with wood glue for the wallpaper. I found all of the red accessories at the dollar store for less than $8. I used an old bathroom faucet and an 8x8 cake pan for the sink.
Paint: colorplace interior semi gloss Tropic Banana
Countertops: a blonde, natural stain #209.
Recommended Skill Level


Pam the Goatherd

Mon, 09/16/2013 - 15:40

Adorable! The additions are great. Makes me wish I was a little girl again so my Dad could build one for me. I guess I'll just have to be happy with building one for a future grandchild of my own.