Little Helper Learning Tower

This is a slightly modified version of the little helper tower, very sturdy design, i weigh 184lbs and use it to climb up to high places as if it were scaffolding. The modifications include making the sides the ladder and the ladder the sides, this allows for smaller hands to grip easier when climbing. It helps to mimic more a ladder design than climbing up the side. It also made for easier install of rungs for ladder. Screws go through the wood face into tge end of the rungs, then pocket homes were used for side supports which were larger woods pieces than the rungs  and pocket screws went from face of supports to the edge of the legs therefore no split out when doing pocket screws! All made from recycled wood from crates, dried and seasoned of course, if you use recycled wood it must be fully cured or it will warp and split over time.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
The wood was free from crates that were going to the dumpster from my job. About $25.00 for screws glue and dowels, we used deck-mate #8x2,1/2 screws to assure safety of the rungs because they had the highest shear strength. We used minwax golden oak from the local hazardous waste collection site and the same with the poly, so the finish was free!
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
Minwax golden oak on the lighter one and semi gloss poly brush on, others are special walnut with spray minwax poly semi gloss. I personally like the brush on poly for the finish on this type of project. It is tougher and hold out longer, but it is a pain to apply when it is all together. The stain was applied before the pieces were put together. Touched up stain after all was together and sanded off high spots then applied poly after all was finished, bottom of tower first then to front and sides.
Recommended Skill Level