MY second Build!!! yay !!!!!!

Submitted by fkowalec on Mon, 05/13/2013 - 11:54

This one took a while in between taken care of the baby and working full time this one took me prolly 2 weekends or longer to do if I didn't have to do all that stuff lol. I had this horrible wiring rack if you can see that went top to bottom and these stupid sliding doors that I really hate bc with the dresser there it's like I can't get in so I just took them off I really want to put in a bifold dorr there but can't so I prolly will hang bead's instead. Kadence really enjoyed picking out the colors and helping me paint. I started off on debating for awhile what I was going to paint what color. I was gonna paint it all pink and do a design of something in green but I think this turned out pretty nicley and really compliment's there purple room. Yay I saved my office from going to the basement!!! Kadence is really happy to get to share her bedroom and I am really happy to be able to get into the closet and actually want to use it so hopefully the room will stay clean and I can get ride of some furniture and get rid of the piles of clothes in my living room lol. I also am glad she can put her own clothes away bc it's just her size. I don't think I am done yet with it tho. I want to put some things on to hang her day hat's on and some ledges towards the out side I think to hold her books. This one cost a little bit more for everything almost about 200 prolly with all the extra's we got for it and the expensive pine. It also took longer bc I had to tear out the old rack and mudd the hole's and tear out the carpet in the closet so I could see the old wood floor and place this in correctly needed to get rid of the carpet eventually any ways. The painting took awhile also of course because I had to prime then paint if I would have used one color it prolly wouldn't have taken that long.

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Mon, 05/13/2013 - 13:03

I finally figured out how to do the blog!! So this is my very first blog!!!! I was so excited to be able to publish my great work!