Office space - ladder desk and shelves

Submitted by RobRN4 on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 07:17

My wife needed an office space and the ladder desk and bookshelves was the perfect plan for it. In fact when I was looking at the pictures and plans online she thought I was looking at an online furniture store! She said "I like that,we should buy that" I made the desk part first and surprised her with it one evening.
Unfortunately I don't have a garage and not a lot of tools, so the desk is mostly hand cut and some of the bookshelf as well. I finally borrowed a mitre to finished off the cuts and (redo the ones I screwed up) It is a little rough but I love this space! And so does my wife!. My next project I hope to improve my staining skills! Lol. I admit I'm kinda proud of it. On to more projects!