Our new dinning table!!!

OMG!!! I'm so in love with my new table!!! I had to make a few changes due to the size of my dining area. I built it a bit big for the space I have in hopes of moving soon and having a formal dinning! I shortened the length of the table and also changed up the x to have the same angle as the original table... I decided to do a natural stain using tea, vinegar and steel wool to "age" the table I then mixed a brown wax with a clear wax to warm it up just a tad... Thanks ana so much for the amazing plans!!! Can't wait to start on another :)

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110$ including staining supplies
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Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
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After table was built I sanded the crud out of it then sanded some more ;)... I pre mixed my vinegar and steel wool in a huge mason jar not sure the size maybe close to 50oz i used 1 and a half pads of the 0000 steal wool i also washed it in some soapy water before adding to the vinegar to remove any oils that would keep it from oxidizing... i let it sit for about 25 hrs and it was plenty strong i tested it on some scrap wood... I brewed 4 large black tea bags Walmart brand in about 20 oz of water let that sit for an hr or so then squeezed out the bags... I painted the tea stain on all the wood and let dry for about 4 hrs... Pine has very low levels of tannins which the steel and vinegar react to... The tea puts tannins into the wood... If you use a hard wood you won't need the tannins I suggest testing to see how dark it turns. After the tea stain had dried I started painting on the vinegar steal wool mixture (pull the hunk of steal wool out and make sure to stir the mixture regularly). Sat back and watched it do its magic after the table had dried I waxed it... The table was very blue grey which in a modern house would have look amazing but I have very primitive taste and furniture so I wanted to warm it up just a tad I mixed briwax clear, Annie Sloan clear, and just a very small amount of briwax Tudor brown sorry I can't be more specific on ratio. It was just a light tan color...'I applied the wax all over waited for it to dry and did an additional coat on the top then buffed it out I just a cheap white rag..: it took a lot of wax make sure you make enough... The wood really soaked it in...
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Sat, 08/02/2014 - 20:53

Hi Camille,
I love the color you ended up with and am attempting to replicate it. Can you tell me why you used two different brands of clear wax? Could you just mix the clear Briwax and the Tudor Brown? Also, how long did it take before the steel wool started to rust. It's been in about 8 hours and so far nothing.