Pantry Shelf

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 03/04/2023 - 13:03

I have a small kitchen. I found this plan on Ana's site to turn it into a pantry shelf. Initially, I was going to have wheels. That way, I could roll it to sweep. I took measurements to match the height of my upper cabinets and width so my door would clear. I put this shelf up to the side on my fridge. I didn't account for the height difference adding wheels. I still can add wheels if I change my mind. I did differing spacing, considering spices and cereal boxes and items between. I haven't quite figured out the end placement for items. I also am considering appliances to be placed on the bottom. I purchased baskets and spice drawers so I can visually organize and see what works. I used odd and end prices of wood and adjusted the measurements to fit my space. I love my corner 2x4s! They are dark and once planes, have these dark brown ribbons revealing the growth rings. We think they might be brown treated boards. Some of the shelves have a darker brown edge, 5 total. I purposely wanted the dark edge facing out. But I didn't have enough so I used different looking boards (same thickness) and played around with assign them their spot. My friend had copper pipes laying around, so I used those in the back to stop my items from falling off the backside. I polyurethaned to keep the natural wood colors. I really love it and am excited to do more projects!!

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