We had these spices in a cabinet, which were impossible to see stuff in the back. This was a perfect solution.

Now, we also had more spices then we know what to do with, so we added a second rack at the bottom of the door as well. I just adapted the plans to be 30 inches tall to accommodate the size of the lower portion of the door. This was accomplished by removing the 1st and 3rd measurements for shelves, and using the remaining for an extra tall shelf.

I also only used a finish nailer (and wood glue),to assemble, in combination with a brad nailer to hold the back plywood on.

I also chose not to include the dowel buttons on the end, and did not cut the dowels to length; they were inserted all the way through and trimmed off with a Japanese pull saw (get one, you will LOVE it), then fastened through the front with the finish nailer, then sanded flush.

I also elected not to paint to finish the piece and leave the natural wood.

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
$33, including the extra shelves.
Estimated Time Investment
An Hour or Two (0-2 Hours)
Recommended Skill Level
Starter Project