Step Stools are Awesome

Submitted by Jake on Tue, 08/13/2013 - 18:55

About three years ago I made my first project from Ana's plan for the Super Easy Little Tricky Ladder Table. It is the one on the right in the opening picture. That little step stool (that is what it is used for) has stood the test of my 175 lbs and the terrors of two grandkids dragging it around for all sorts of mischief. Since then I have made another version of that same stool but a little wider and shorter for more stability and I like the new proportions

I have also made one of Ana's Vintage Step Stools and that is the one with the kid standing on it in the bathroom. Perfect. The last picture shows my knock-off of a classic Shaker step stool except I hinged the top to add a small amount of storage under it. That is not me in the picture. Its a co-worker.

I encourage everyone to build these stools. My family has found them to be very very useful in the kitchen, in the bathroom, reaching high places in closets and I even use them to paint rooms. Easier than dragging a step ladder around.

My only caution is to use the best grade of pine or a stronger wood and to overdo the strength of the lower step connections. Do NOT build these out of furring strip wood. I did and it collapsed immediately. Not the joint but a leg below the lower step connection.

Estimated Cost
About $36 for all four. Two days per stool to build and finish.
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Finish Used
A great variety as the photos show. On the last stool I tried the paste stain to my horror.
Recommended Skill Level