Storage Day Bed

Submitted by SophieW on Thu, 01/05/2012 - 07:34

My first project using Ana's plans. Quite a learning experience with a few rookie mistakes but all in all I think it turned out pretty ok.

I followed the plans to the T. Trusted my lumber yard to make most of the cuts since I was not really equipped and that was a HUGE MISTAKE. So I went out, bought some tools, recut some boards and whatever mistakes I made, at least they were mine.

I followed other people advice on this site and added some casters under the boxes after I screwed them together. Makes it a lot easier to move around.

Thank you Ana - your website is truly inspiring.

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Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
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Fri, 01/06/2012 - 07:35

Thank you:) I ordered the mattress online - Futon mattress - can't remember where from though... But for $118 I'm REALLY happy with it!