Storage sofa / single bed- made with 8" memory foam twin mattress

Built this while 8 months preggo with help from my husband and best friend (sewing). I wanted to make it big enough to be an extra bed and I wanted it to be comfortable so I invested in an 8"memory foam mattress. Here is the pic before the leg base went on.
We made the back 3" higher since the mattress is so thick. I have kids so I made the cushion cover around the whole mattress so we could take it off and wash it. I staple gunned plain grey fabric to hide the plywood of the lid (since I was limited to fabric I had found).

It is a little too deep to sit on for two people but it is great in a corner where you can lounge on it with a book or snuggle for a movie with your partner or kids! :)

Wood /glue/adhesive spray - about $120
Fabric - bargain bin upholstory fabric/thread - $67
Cushion covers (filled with old pillows,leftover uphostry foam and two KING pillows) - cream, from IKEA bargain bin 4@ $5 each= $20+tx
Mattress- Twin memory foam (Classic 8")- $199+tx @ Jysk on sale (they go on sale every two months).

So the whole thing was about $450 and we love it. The only thing I saw that came close was $3000 in a store downtown.

Thank you so much for the plans Ana!!

Samantha A.
Halifax, NS

Built from Plan(s)
Estimated Cost
$450 or less (depending on mattress)
Estimated Time Investment
Weekend Project (10-20 Hours)
Recommended Skill Level