The Weekend Sleeper

Submitted by vendo on Tue, 01/10/2023 - 10:03

My step son, who is in college, comes to stay with us some weekends and we don't have a lot of room in the rental we are in. So I built a place for him to put his things and sleep, during his visit. This was an easy and quick build using 1x10's for the frame and 1x2's for the face frame. Being 1x10's it's super low profile and doesn't make the room feel much more crowded, so that is a huge bonus! I built it around the dimensions of this floor bed/sofa that I found on amazon

Here's a Youtube Video of me building it, if you want to see how it went together.

I really like this design, because I feel it would make a great addition to a guest room, bonus room, dorm room, shared room and more. I ended up attaching it to the wall as you will see in the video because it will be tippy if not. Hope you like it!