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I'm 57. In California at the N end of the Big Vally
below Oroville. I had wood shop in Jr hig, 1969. Didn't do much with that, except remember a few things. In 1975 went to work in a friends waterbed shop. Been designing and building stuff since. Everything from furniture to horse barnes. Now that I've found Ana here I have a few pieces I might share. I'm working on a bedreoom set right now. 2 dressers (tall & long) 2 night stands, head board and ceder chest (that's a suprise for the wife. I'm going to rebuild her China Hutch. Moister in our last house had damageged the particle bouard but I was able to get all he real oak trim. The new cabinets will be made of real oak. I also have drwn up plans for a rolling Kitchen Island wih an inovation. I looked at 100+s of images and only found pot hangers over the fixed ones. You wouldn't want tohave pots hanging over something that you might roll here or ther. So I intend to put some uprights on the end of my island and hang the pots on a platform built on top. Pots go where the island goes and nobody bangs their head. What ever I have I will share here. Their all insperations from somewhere else, now here. :) Oh yea, the bedroom furniture. It is framed by 2x2s abd saded with lap board. Gives it a real seafarer build it from shipping crates kind of look. They're going to be great.