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I'm a mother of 4 kids ages 10 to 4, wife for 12 years and above all a very creative and imaginative person! I love re-using existing things for something new and have recently fell in love with finally making the furniture I want instead of just doodling it. (Fear of power tools kept me from it for tooo long lol). Some of my most recent ventures include an old chest-of-drawers/dress I chopped in half, removed trim and turn one 1/2 into a floor pillow height work station while the other 1/2 has made a beautiful bathroom bench with towel storage underneath. Mostly what I enjoy and seem to have a knack for is re-purposing almost anything into a fun and functional piece for my kids rooms, playhouse or our "playground." I like to call my style recycled fun or "you'd never believe what this started as"