$10 Roll Outs for Kitchen Cabinets

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Upgrade your cabinet shelves to more functional roll outs for just $10 each!  Perfect for kitchen cabinets, printer shelves, shoe shelves, or anywhere you want easier access to your shelf!

Could your cabinets be more functional if the shelves slid out?  Roll outs - especially custom sized wood ones - can be very expensive and hard to install.  

In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to use your EXISTING shelf and convert it to a rolling shelf - all for about ten dollars.

And it is EASY.  I promise!

Video Tutorial for Converting Shelves to Roll Outs

Make sure you watch the video for the full tutorial.  The below information is supplemental.


My Cabinet is Just the Plywood Sides with a Door on the Front

If you cabinet does NOT have a face frame, it is called a "frameless cabinet".  This is the easiest type of cabinet to work with.  Just remove the shelf, and cut it down in width so it is 1" less in overall width than the inside measurement of your cabinet, and then install it on your drawer slides.

installing roll outs in frameless shelves


My Cabinet Has Wood Trim Around the Front Edges

If your cabinet has wood trim around the front edges, it has a face frame.  You will need to shim the inside of the cabinet so the drawer slides can fully slide out without hitting the back side of your face frame.  Cut your shelf to 1" less than the width in between your shims. TIP: You can also attach the front of the drawer slide to the inside of the face frame on the front, and then only shim the back of the drawer slide, but your shim must be exactly the distance your face frame overlaps your cabinet side on the inside.

roll outs for face frame cabinets


My Cabinet Has a Center Divider

If your cabinet has a center divider, so your roll out shelves can't be made the full width, you will need to create some framing in between.  The easiest way to do this is with 1x2s and 2x4s.  The drawer slides are mounted on the 2x4s on either side.

roll outs for double wide cabinets

What Type of Drawer Slide Do I Need?

The drawer slides that I used in the video are Euro 22" Drawer Slides By Liberty.  There are different brands at different stores and online, they all do basically the same thing - wheels roll on a track.  The pros for these drawer slides are: Easy to install, Bottom mount so supports the shelf without extra framing, inexpensive.  The cons are: Does not fully extend out from the cabinet (only about 3/4 of the way) and they are lighter duty with a weight limit of 50 pounds (check your drawer slides for exact weight ratings).

liberty drawer slides


We hope this tutorial helps you make your kitchen nicer (and your life easier!) 


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Sun, 08/29/2021 - 06:30

Why did you shim only the right hand side? How did the new guides clear the cabinet face frame on the left side? Thank you for all you do!