Clothespin Fabric Storage Rails

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Keep your fabric in easy reach while adding color to your craft room with these easy to make DIY fabric storage clothespin wall rails.  By

One of the very first projects I every shared through blogging was these clip art rails that I made for my daughter's room so many years ago -

They were such an easy, inexpensive project, that transformed a blank wall into something useful and so easy to decorate and change up.  I always loved how they turned out and was forever a fan of clothepins after this project.

So when it came time to find a way to store Grandma's bins and bins of fabric scraps, I knew just what to do to not only store the fabric, but keep it within easy reach, all while adding color and inspiration to the space.

This is certainly better than a blank white wall.

And certainly better than digging through piles of fabric, for one tiny piece.

How to Make

It is very easy to make these fabric storage clip rails.  Just glue full size clothespins with a craft glue every 3" to pine 1x2 boards (I used furring strips, they are less than $1 each up here in Alaska).  Then locate your studs in the wall, mark, and screw the 1x2 furring strip to the wall with screws 2" in length or longer (depending on wall composition).  So easy!

Can't wait to see how your's come out!

XO Ana