DIY Grill Island - Featuring Lady Goats

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DIY Grill Island by Lady Goats

Amazing DIY Grill Island! Lady Goats is an inspiration to say the least, she looked at a picture and made it happen, just like that! Thanks to her you can make it happen too with her nicely laid out tutorial! 

HER Inspiration.......

As seen here as a potting table, she made her mods in order to fit her needs, as a barbecue station! 

With BBQ Season in full swing, why not make the work part of it a little more enjoyable with ease of use, not to mention appealing to the eye! 

Swing on over to Lady Goats and Get Your Build On! 




Mon, 05/30/2016 - 21:45

So not all of the measurements in this plan are correct, and it doesn't include any top for the table nor does it box in the back side of the tilt out. The instructions are also very scant. The table comes out very heavy and this design probably could have been done without the heavy 2x4's. I'm used to Ana's designs and this "lady goat" is not close to Ana's work. Definitely glad I have some experience otherwise this would have been a bust.