French Closet Doors

french closet doors
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Here's an easy way to install french closet doors.  You can also use this method to convert sliding closet doors into double hung closet doors.

My experience with bifold doors is they end up getting left open most of the time.  So I run around the house closing biford doors, or nagging the family to close the closet doors.  I don't want to run around the house closing closet doors or be a nag.

Sliding closet doors are great - but you can only access half of the closet at a time.  And let's agree they don't look the best because when closed, one door is always inset from the other.

For this reason, many of the closets in our house just don't have doors at all.  Why add a door if it's going to be left open anyway?

But in our master bedroom, the bed looks right at my husband's closet, which looks like this:

closet doors

So we decided to try french doors for the closet.  

french closet doors

We ordered up matching door blanks and installed them (video tutorial below).

french closet doors

It's been a couple weeks since we've installed the closet doors.  They look super good.  And by default, they get closed almost all the time.  

I'm so glad we did this project!

Video Tutorial

We did a video tutorial on how we installed french closet doors on my husband's closet.  I think this is the easiest and fastest way to install french closet doors in an opening - you don't have to chisel or router out for the hinges - really, you are just picking the right hardware and hanging the door.  Watch and see!

The Hardware We Used

This project was all about picking the right hardware.  Here's what we used:

french closet doors

Non-Mortise Hinges: We used these hinges from Home Depot.  You do not have to mortise (chisel or router out) where the hinges go.  They are very easy to install and work great for lightweight doors like ours, but are not suitable for heavier, solid core doors.

french closet doors

Dummy Door Knobs and Ball Catch with Strike Plate: We wanted closet doors to look like the rest of our doors in our house.  To do this we simply used dummy door knobs that match the rest of the door knobs in our house, and a ball catch with strike plate.

french closet doors

Roller Catch: At the top of the doors, we needed something to keep the doors shut.  We opted for a roller catch from Amazon, but honestly, I'm not sure this was the right choice - it's not the smoothest to close.  I'm thinking another ball catch (without the giant strike plate though) would have been a better bet.

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