How To Make A Wooden Snowflake

wooden snowflake tutorial
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Wooden Snowflake Tutorial 

I’m a sucker for snowflakes.  There, I said it.

To me, they are a perfect example of artistic use of symmetry, and the only version of mathematics that doesn’t make my head start hurting.  (Typing the word “mathematics” just made my head start hurting.)

Last winter, I shared a tutorial on how to build  large, Reclaimed Wood Snowflake.

This time around, I came up with a slightly modified version.

For this tutorial, I used wood with a lower sliver potential rating,

Wooden Snowflake Supply List
Wooden Snowflake Decor

wooden snowflake tutorial

Wood Snowflake Cutlist and Dimensions
I recommend painting the pieces before assembling the wooden snowflake.

Wooden snowflakes are made up of:

3 arms @ 33 inches long

12 V pieces (which equal 6 “V’s”) @ 6 to 8 inches long, at a 30° angle

12 triangles (which equal 6 bigger triangles), also at a 30° angle

*The smaller the snowflake, the shorter the V pieces will need to be. For example, If you made a snowflake with arms that are 25 inches long instead of 33 inches, the V pieces would need to be shorter or else they would overlap each other when you put it together.


Step 1

Attach the Vs with screws or nails on the 3 arms

Step 2

Attach the triangles with screws or nails on the 3 arms

Step 3

Stack the assembled arms as shown in the diagram. 

Step 4

Drill the center hole and secure with a bolt to keep the arms from twisting. 

Add some hardware to the back of one of the arms to hang. 

The completed snowflake should look like this. 

Watch the video of the snowflake tutorial.

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