Retro Wood Toy Pretend Play Kitchen Dish Hutch

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DIY retro play kitchen dish hutch for kids!  Free plans by

The Holidays are just around the corner!  This year, I hope you consider building or purchasing handmade gifts - it's good for everyone (except the freight ships) to support local materials and makers.  That's My Letter and I got quite and exciting line up for this year's Handbuilt Holiday!

Last Christmas we built this little play stove for my kiddos, and it has been loved, used, abused, and still looks brand new! You can find the plans for this little play kitchen stove here.

The kids liked the stove so much, we had to make them a matching dish hutch.  I love the retro styling, and how it's not too girly.  I very much appreciate that my husband helps in the kitchen and can cook, and definitely want my son to be just as comfortable in the kitchen.  So why not start him out early and encourage our little man to cook from the beginning?  A gender neutrel kitchen was the trick.

To get those cute sliding doors (that actually work really well) we just used some drywall end trim beading (look for it in the drywall aisle it is used to finish 1/2" drywall ends) and cut scrap 1/4" plywood to fit in the channels.  Much easier and more functional than hinges for this applicaiton.

Do share if you build, I'd love to see how your retro style play kitchen turns out!

XO Ana



Dimensions shown above


Shopping List

1 - 1x12 @ 12 feet (can be cut into two six foot long pieces for easier transport) OR if using 1/4" plywood doors, you will only need 10 feet (can be cut into five foot long pieces)
1 - 1x4 @ 4 feet long
1 - 1x3 @ 2 feet long
1 - 1/4" plwyood @ 24" x 48"
1 - 1x2 @ 8 feet long
Hinges if using 1x12 doors or drywall end cap channel if using sliding 1/4" plywood doors

Common Materials
Cut List

2 - 1x12 @ 34" - sides

2 - 1x12 @ 22-1/2" - main shelves

2 - 1x4 @ 22-1/2" - hutch shelves

1 - 1x3 @ 22-1/2" - front apron

1 - 1/4" plywood @ 24" x 34" - back

2 - 1x2 @ 8-3/4" - base tie in pieces

4 - 1x2 @ 6-3/8" both ends cut parallel 20 degrees off square

2 - 1x2 @ 16" both ends cut NOT parallel at 20 degrees off square, long point to long point measurement

Doors are either 2 - 1x12 @ 11" hinges on or 1/4" plywood pieces cut 11-1/4" x 11-1/4" (they should overlap) in the channel

Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Kreg Jig
Circular Saw
Miter Saw
Brad Nailer
Power Sander


Step 1

Mark the sides as shown in the diagram.  Then carefully cut out with a jigsaw.  Round inside and outside corners for that retro look.  Sand edges smooth.  The two sides should be identical.

Step 2

Drill three 3/4" pocket holes on each end of the 1x12 shelf boards.  Attach to legs, with pocket holes on the bottom, with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws and wood glue.

Step 3

Repeat steps for the smaller 1x4 shelves and 1x3 apron.  Also attach top to apron with either 1-1/4" nails and glue, or pocket holes facing upward on 1x3 apron.

Step 4

Mark sides at location of all shelves on back, in the center of the shelves.  Place back on with glue.  Then draw lines between marks to guide you in nailing the back on.  Use 3/4" nails to attach.

Step 5

Step 6

Attach base to bottom of kitchen with 1-1/4" screws and wood glue.

Step 7

The doors can either be hinges on if using 1x12s, or attach metal drywall channels to the top and bottom, screwing through the center of the channel into the wood to secure.  Make sure the doors slide easily, and overlap to prevent the doors from hitting each other.