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Submitted by Ana White on Wed, 07/23/2014 - 12:49
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Make your own spice drawer inserts on the cheap! Tutorial from Ana-White.com

Hey DIY Friends!! Jen here with a new beginner project!

Wood spice drawer inserts!  You know the tiered kind you find in fancy kitchens that you just know costs way too much?

Well, you can make your own for a few bucks!

And this project is ridiculously easy! 

If you have a drawer to spare, this will help you get your spices organized. It could also work in the bathroom for make-up or vitamins, or whatever you want.

The goal is to clean it up and get it off the counter! 

You won't believe just how easy these spice drawer inserts are to make!!!

First, measure your drawer, both width and length.


Take the length measurement and divide by 4 (or however many inserts you want).  Whatever that number is (ours was about 5"), rip some 1/4" plywood down to that width.

Then cut the 1/4" plywood strips down to the width of your drawer.

For this drawer, that means I cut four pieces of plywood 5" wide x 7-7/8" long.

I then cut 4 - 1x2 boards 7-7/8" long.


Okay, so now it gets really easy.

Just glue and nail the 1/4" plywood pieces to the 1x2.

Do this to all of the inserts.  I used 3/4" long finish nails.

TIP: Use a 1x2 scrap to hold the other end of the plywood piece up as you nail.

Each insert will look like this.

Now just set the inserts in the drawer.  

Start at the back and let the inserts closer to the drawer front overlap the insert behind it.

If you wish to attach them so it's one piece that would be an option too, just nail or staple them where they meet on the underside.  

TIP: With all the inserts in place, just trace the overlap with a pencil, remove, staple from back side, and replace.

 Nice Huh!?! 

Ridiculously simple right?

Best part - using up scraps from various projects, this custom wood insert was FREE!!!  And even if you bought new materials, we are talking like under $5 to make this! 

Love it?  Please share it!!

Thanks, Jen