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Build these cute stump stools! Free tutorial by

Hi everyone! Did you happen to catch our show last night on DIY Network? We hope you enjoyed the show, and got to know us a little better! I felt like they did a great job of capturing us - regular old Alaska people who love to build stuff and laugh at themselves. Thank you so much for all the support and tuning in and just being a part of our crazy dreams!

Did you catch the stump stools on the show last night?

I had this truly wild idea to use firewood pieces as the tops.  Nature is the ultimate inspiration for me, and out there at the cabin site, also the local shopping mall.

I used leftover paint and 2x2s to make the bases.  Aren't they adorable?  I love how the stump stools tie in both the artwork on the walls and the nature outdoors.  

Worth noting is the same locally grown trees were also used as the flooring, ceiling, and beam work.  They do say make sure you use each material three times in a room, don't they?  


The secret is a hidden piece of plywood under the stump seat to help keep the stump piece together as it dries and cracks.

I shared these plans over on our show page on DIY Network, so head on over and get the full plans there!  

Have an awesome day!