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Good closets make clean houses!  Here's how you can build your own custom closet towers to create a dream closet system!  Use just one tower for a small space, or many towers for a large master closet. Free tutorial by Ana-White.com

Do you want to upgrade your closet storage systems to something that is durable and custom to your needs?  In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how we tackled a small reach-in closet, adding shelving and multiple hanging storage options.  

closet tower

Towers are such a great way to break up closet spaces.  The days of one long hanging rod are over - it is so much more functional to break up hanging space to sort items, and to increase folding space.

organizing a kids closet

Here's what we love about this closet:

  • Off the floor, so easy to clean under and space could be used for totes, baskets or shoes
  • No need to remove baseboards under closet or cut around
  • Attached to top plate in wall, so easy to hang without drywall anchors or finding studs
  • Storage all the way to the ceiling
  • Smaller hanging areas to help sort out different hanging items (for example, short sleeves on one, long sleeves on the other)
  • Plenty of easy to reach folding space
  • Can be designed to fit specific baskets
  • Divided out upper space for lesser used items
  • High quality construction will last forever (not particle board!)
  • Can be changed up, reconfigured, added on since it's real wood
  • Can be repainted or finished since it's a home finish and not a plastic sticker finish
  • Easy to customize for the space

Watch Me Build This with Basic Tools!

We did a fun video on this closet build that you can watch here.

And also created a plan to help further explain the steps.  The plans follow (scroll down).  Thank you for watching and using our plans, please share photos of your completed projects, we do love seeing your work!


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Wall Mount Closet Tower with Shelf Help


Shopping List
  • 3/4" plywood ripped to 15-1/4" width and front edges finished
  • 1x3 pine furring strips or similar used to create bay supports for hanging the closet on the wall
  • Shelf pins matching the shelf pin jig
  • 1-1/4" coarse thread pocket hole screws
  • 3" self tapping wood screws (for hanging the closet)
  • Closet rod dowels and sockets
Tape Measure
Speed Square
Safety Glasses
Kreg Jig
Circular Saw
Shelf Pin Jig


Step 1

Designing the Closet Tower

Use my free Carcass Design Tool to create the design plans and cut list custom for your project.

  • Depth should be either 11.25" or 15.25" , I recommend 11.25" for users with shorter heights, 15.25" for taller users (so folded pants and shirts fit on the shelves)
  • Height should be between 72" and 84" for 96" ceilings, but could be shorter or taller depending on needs and space
  • Keep shelves less than 36" wide to avoid sagging shelves

For blanks for shelf sides, simply set Bay=0 and you can order shelf blanks.

Step 2

Building the Closet Tower

Build the closet tower is pretty simple - just drill two (three for 15.25" width) pocket holes on each end of all the shelf (horizontal) boards.

Attach to the vertical side pieces with 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.  You can also use shelf pins as done in the video for middle shelves, but at least two shelves, possibly three for taller closets, need to be fixed.

1x3 bay supports need to be added at the very top and on one other fixed shelf to give the closet lateral strength and also a cleat to hang on the wall.  Bay supports are the same length as the shelves and are just attached with pocket holes on the back side.

Step 3

Hanging the Closet Tower

Typical wall framing might make it hard to hang a narrow closet organizer - you might not even have a stud in your desired location to hang the organizer.  

What I like to do is hang my organizers to the top plate in the wall, at the very top of the wall, using 3" self tapping screws.  That way I can place the tower wherever I want it, and know it is hung solid.  This also give room below for baskets and totes, and makes it easy to clean under the tower (and you don't have to remove baseboard mouldings).  You should also anchor at the bottom to a stud in the wall (if possible) or use a drywall anchor, to keep the closet secured at the bottom.

Step 4

Between Tower Shelves and Rods

Multiple towers can be hung in larger closets.  In between, hanging space is created by simply hanging rods on the towers (aren't you glad the towers are secured well now?).  Shelves can also be used to added folding space above rods.




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Excited to get started on this project which will be one of my firsts. Did you install a wall plate at top for the towers or assume it exists at top of your wall framing? Would you recommend a French cleat system to allow for adjusting location and if so, any tips?