Farmhouse table question

Submitted by Debbie742 on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 09:24

Hey all. I am in the midst of building the Farmhouse table along with two benches. I am pocket holing everything together. The wood I had on hand was mostly pressure treated, so this will go outdoors. I purchased my 2x8's and 2x10's from Menards and sadly, they are still wet after two weeks. I did cut them in half, although that is irrelevant. I was then told by some kind gentlemen, that I shouldn't pocket hole the table top together and that I also shouldn't be using pressure treated wood as a table top either. I fully plan on using an outside stain on the top and then can also seal it if that makes a difference. Please help. I am almost done the benches, and the table frame is painted and awaiting for me to put a top on it.

Debora in Atikokan.


Fri, 05/03/2013 - 11:05

It may be too humid for the wood to "dry" out. You may need to store the wood inside or in direct slight during the day. Flip over repeat in sun etc. I have had boards not dry out for a month or more unfortunately. As for the top, I would just screw straight down through the top of the boards and counter sink them, fill with either stain-able wood filler or color matched stain filler after your first coat of clear. Usually using a chemically treated board where food will sit is a concern and I am sure that is what they meant by not using it. You could use non treated wood and use a outdoor finish like Spar Varnish to water and sun proof the board. You can still paint or stain the wood, Spar Varnish will tint a little yellow but after a few coats it is thick and waterproof. I use it on outdoor chairs made of Solid Oak all the time.

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