20+ DIY Chicken Coops

If you're considering raising your own chickens and dreaming of farm fresh eggs, we are here to help you on your journey!

shed chicken coop

Shed Chicken Coop

This shed style coop includes windows, a door and a nesting box! The shed roof design allows ample head room to walk in collect eggs, and clean! A chicken run is added out the side for more room to roam.

Photo by Whitney Builds

chicken run plan

Chicken Run

If you don't have the option to let the hens free range, a run is a great option! Give the girls more space, and add a run to any coop, easily and affordably. This plan is beginner friendly and easy to modify for any size!

Photo by Passion for Wood

a frame chicken coop

A Frame Coop

Almost a decade ago, I built my first A Frame Chicken Coop.  And while that coop is still being used today, over the years of using it, I've found ways to improve it. This updated design is water tight at the top with fixed sides.  

Photo by Fruit of Refuge

small chicken coop with planter

Small Chicken Coop with Planter

 A coop that is compact and cute, but still functional! This coop design includes a clean out tray and nesting box. We added even more function with the garden box! Plant some fresh greens for your girls to snack on. 

Built and shared by Lady Goats

single nesting box plan

Single Nesting Box

The hens need a place to lay, build a nesting box and enjoy fresh eggs! I modified the original plan because when I built my nesting box, I was pulling from my scraps. You can do the same, but if you are buying new boards, I wanted to minimize the number of new boards. This is an easy plan to modifify and make longer or add a divider. 

fresh egg holder

Countertop Fresh Egg Storage

Where to store all those eggs? Build one or mulitple egg storage stands. This countertop storage option is a beautiful way to display and store farm fresh eggs! An easy DIY project, that includes plans for a taller narrower version too.

brooder cabinet

Chick Brooding Cabinet

Chicks need a nice place to develop, stay warm and grow! I designed this little brooding cabinet for easy clean up and access to the chicks. Use it for other furry friends when the chicks grow out of it!

small chicken coop

Home Depot Chicken Coop

This small chicken coop will work well for 3-4 chickens. You will need to add some elements to keep the free ranging chickens safe from predators. 

 barn style chicken coop

Barn Style Chicken Coop

Another Home Depot plan that is free! If you want a barn style look for your yard, this is it! 

Photo by The Creative Mom

custom coop

Custom Chicken Coop

An HGTV plan this custom coop is super cute and with the little window planter box and modern style. The run is incorporated right into the design, also the exterior hatch allows for easy retrieval of eggs!

small coop

Small Coop

As chicken owners things are always changing. From the time they are chicks, to ending up with a rooster or 2... Sometimes you have to be flexible about housing. This small coop can be that, at  every stage, for your flock!

Photo by The Inspired Workshop

large coop with run

Large Coop with Run

Perfect for a larger yard and oh so pretty! Another fantastic plan by The Inspired Workshop! I adore the split door and shutters to add the right amount of charm. This is everything you need in one fell swoop!

modern coop

Modern Coop

Man that is one stylish coop! The covered run is ideal for raining or snowy areas, while having the enclosure for sleeping and laying. The modern clean lines on this chicken coop will look great in any yard!

By Rogue Engineer

chicken condo

Chicken Condo

Who else loves the idea of a "chicken condo"?! Such a stellar design for a side yard and it looks beautiful too!

by Jessie Thomas Designs

low profile chicken coop

Low Profile Sloped Coop

This sloped coop design works well for a few chickens. Keep in mind not all chickens are the same. Some are smaller in size, so something like this may be ideal for your set up. Another benefit is that it can be moved around the yard.

By The Carpenters Daughter

meat chicken coop

Temporary Meat Chicken Enclosure

For meat chickens that are not a permanent fixture in the yard, this set up is genius. It is light enoghh to move around to fresh grass as much as needed!

By Scott Family Homestead

brooder box

DIY Brooder Box 

Broody hens need a place of their own for a while while they sit. This simple plan is a great addition for your set up if you plan to hatch baby chicks!

By Green Willow Homestead

insulated chicken coop

Insulated Chicken Coop

Can chickens survive in cold climates? YES! It might mean that some extra work may be involved in building a coop. Check out this insulated coop and be sure to research for your region for what is needed to keep your flock safe and warm. 

By How To Specialist

pretty coop

Pretty Coop with Steps and Shingles 

A huge part of having chickens is enjoying them. Having a gorgeous coop will make your visits with the girls even better!

by Joinery Design Co

farmhouse coop

Medium Farmhouse Coop and Run

Sized for 6-8 chickens, If you're looking for a medium sized plan for a farmhouse style coop, this is it. 

by Lehman Lane

Chicken coops are an investment, so you may consider purchasing plans as well, so here are a couple of options if you go that route!


Barn Style Coop  with Storage at Spruc'd


Ultimate Coop Design by Twelve on Main