Planter Box

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A few weeks back, Ana sent a link to the Fresh Home Magazine website that was featuring her Laundry Basket Cart. I soon found myself checking out other DIY projects that were featured and found this "How to Make A Recycled Planter Box".


I love the wood .vs. metal look and it just so happened, I was in the market for a new planter box (as the one my mother gave me just rotted to pieces.) So here is the picture of my version of this project and how I did it: From Plan: Recycled Planter Box 


Estimated Cost: $12 for Lumber $8 for Corrugated Roofing $4 for screws Estimated Time Investment: 4 hours Required Skill Level: Intermediate Type of Wood: Cedar Finish Used: Clear Coat Matt Finish to enrich the wood color Notes: The plan called for rot-resistant wood, like Teak, Redwood or Cedar, which were out of my price range. So, instead, I chose 6x6 Cedar Fence Planks, which were less than $3 a board. I had to use shorter screws because the boards are just over 1/2 thick and when I ripped the boards, they were wider than the plans called for, so I adjusted the plans. Second, the smaller sheet of Corrugated Roofing was not as wide as the plans called for, so I again adjusted the plans down to the new width. Instead of using a metal circular saw blade, I just used a pair of nips and it cut almost like aluminum foil. The website says this is a $100 - $500 project. I made it for just $24.



Tue, 08/21/2018 - 23:01

I would really love to make this but the link does not take me to where the plans are. Did a search on the site and still no plans.