The Wild Rose 24 Foot Tiny House Photo Tour

Submitted by Ana White on Wed, 11/23/2016 - 13:51

Last week, we finished up a tiny house for a client, and I was so sad to see it go!

I may have teared up just a tiny bit.

For those of you not able to view the video tour, I thought I'd also share some photos too.

The feel of this tiny house is homey.  It's bright and airy, but rich with wood texture.  We used different species of wood to create interest, all simply clear coated for durability and to let the wood's natural beauty shine through.  I love how when you walk through the front door, you are drawn to the great room area.

The great room area features a twin mattress over a built in daybed with storage box, to span the entire width of the tiny house.  The daybed serves as seating.  To give the great room more of a conversation area, we added ottomans and a DIY coffee table.

This tiny house lacks a dedicated dining area, so we built the coffee table so the top removes -

And then you can roll the base on it's side -

And the replace the top on the base -

To create a perfect height dining table that is sturdy and practical.

I still can't believe the converting coffee table to dining table actually worked!

The kitchen is spacious and simple.  The client wanted slab doors that are durable and easy to clean.

We were even able to fit a washing machine in the kitchen.

The client wanted to tackle a few projects, so we left the bathroom wall bare wood for her to paint, and also you'll notice there is just a subfloor.

The winder stairs worked out really well.  There's lots of storage inside them, and I love how they land on a platform (which is also the pantry).

We raised the bathroom up to keep all the plumbing inside to prevent freezing issues.  The second to bottom stair is actually part of the raised floor.

The raised floor allowed us to keep the shower p-trap inside the building.  

We kept the wall inside the bathroom open (except the electrical areas) to create some storage space for the client.

Upstairs the loft area is good sized, with even clothing storage that we custom built for the client.

I love that the loft over looks the great room.  It really makes this tiny house that has everything not feel cramped at all!

We are sharing plans for some of these projects here:

Enjoy and please do share if you build!

XO Ana



Katie Thompson

Thu, 02/15/2024 - 20:35

The Wild Rose 24 Foot Tiny House Photo Tour offers a captivating glimpse into compact living, showcasing clever design and efficient use of space. As I admired the cozy interiors, I couldn't help but imagine how a cosmetic ingredients scanner could seamlessly fit into this minimalist lifestyle, prioritizing both functionality and sustainability.