My Favorite 2x4 Outdoor Project Plans

Submitted by Ana White on Mon, 04/10/2017 - 09:05

Hey build friends!  This morning swans flew over our front porch!  Migrating birds are the first sign of spring, and we are excited to start spending more time outdoors (without a million layers of down coats on).

I've got lots of projects I hope to tackle this year for our new house, but wanted to take a minute to share some of my all time favorite outdoor seating projects.  Here they are, in no particular order ...


1. 2x4 Adirondack Chair

This 2x4 Adirondack Chair is my favorite of all the adirondack chairs, for quite a few reasons.  I love that it is simple, econmical and easy to build.  I love how sturdy it is.  And I love that the legs and frame are 2x4s - this chair will hold up longer than a chair made with 1xs.  I'll be building a few this summer, and expect me to beef up the arms a little more, and I'm loving penetrating stains for outdoor finishes. You can find the plans for this outdoor adirondack chair here.


2. Outdoor Sectional 

This outdoor sectional, built by East Coast Creative, is so functional and versatile!  I love how she used 2x4s for the entire project to really beef it up.  Head on over to East Coast Creative for the Build Post.


3. Firepit Benches

These firepit benches serve as seating on the front, a tabletop on top, and extra storage (for 'smores and beverages and extra chips of course!) underneath.  They are quick and easy to build and very sturdy and comfortable.  Love how they turned out!  Grab the free plans here.


4. Front Porch Bench

I built this bench for our lake cabin.  It is a very simple design, but the X back adds enough interest to make it front porch worthy.  It is very sturdy, and has a nice deep seat, with plenty of room for a cusion or pillows.  Grab the free plans for this outdoor bench here.


5. 2x4 Outdoor Sofa (and Sectional Piece)

Yep, that's all 2x4s!  Not just a favorite 2x4 outdoor project, this one is an all time favorite!  This outdoor sectional is made up of a sofa piece and then a one arm sectional piece.  Sturdy, easy to build and easy to modify to fit your cushions.


6. 2x4 Outdoor Coffee Table

We loved the outdoor sofa so much, we ended up making a matching coffee table.  I know it's not seating, but many people end up sitting on it (or at least resting their feet on it) so I thought I'd throw it in the list today.  It's sturdy and heavy (so the wind won't blow it away).  Grab the plans for this 2x4 coffee table here.


7. Crib Mattress 2x4 Sectional

If you happen to have a few crib mattresses handy, this 2x4 sectional plan is sized to fit.  It's also easy to build and sturdy.  Grab the plans here.


Do you have a favorite 2x4 seating plan?  Add it to the comments below.


Enjoy and don't forget to share if you build!

XO Ana





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