How to Finish Plywood Edges with Edge Banding

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Finish plywood edges for about $0.12 per foot!  In this video and written tutorial, learn the secret tips and techniques to get professional results quickly and easily from Ana White

Why Plywood?  Why Edge Banding?

Plywood is an ideal building material for interior wood projects, especially amazing to build cabinets, closets, dressers, bookshelves, and more storage projects from.  Why?  Because plywood is easy to work with, dimensionally stable, beautiful, strong in both directions, and less expensive than hardwood or even softwood boards.

But what about those ugly plywood edges?

For about $0.12 a foot, you can quickly and easily apply edge banding with an iron to finish the edges of plywood?


Does Edge Banding Hold Up?

Yes, if you apply it right.  Application is key.  In the below video, we show you projects that have been used (and abused) for years and the edge banding still looks perfect.  It's all about the right application technique.


Watch - Quick Video on How to Apply Edge Banding to Plywood Edges

What Tools and Materials Do You Need for Edge Banding?

Here are the basic tools I use to apply edge banding.

edge banding supplies


Basic Steps to Edge Banding Like a Pro

1. Start with raw plywood edges that are straight cut and clean, no sawdust to prevent adhesion.

raw plywood


2. Cut the edge banding to about 1/2" longer than the overall length needed.

edge banding


3. Apply the edge banding to the plywood edge using a hot iron, working with the iron in your right hand, working right to left.  Allow the edge banding to overhang on the ends and sides equal amounts.

apply edge banding


4. Trim the edges with the edge banding trimmer, applying light pressure.  Trim ends with flush cutter.

trim edge banding


5. Sand the edges to prevent any sharp edges that could catch and tear.

finishing edge banking


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Some Favorite Project Plans that Use Plywood

Looking for free project plans that use plywood? We've got a huge collection here.

diy plans for plywood projects


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How to Finish Plywood Edges with Edge Banding