Full/Twin Simple Bunk Beds

This is a Twin over Full Simple Bunk Bed for my girls who share a room. The bottom bunk leaves plenty of room for even adults to sit down without hitting their heads. We mounted Large decorative flowers on the railing to match the room just in case my daughter woke up in the middle of the night and decided to look over the edge. We were nervous she'd hit the ceiling fan and it's too hot in South Texas not to have ceiling fans. The flowers work perfectly in that area and she loves it. We pretty much followed the plans found here: http://ana-white.com/2011/01/plans/twin-over-full-simple-bunk-bed-plans. We have not added a ladder yet, but are thinking about it. On a side note, the girls like to mount blankets and cover the bottom bunk to create their "own" personal space/fort and it's pretty cool. Special note: Untreated wood for this project was hard to find. Only one of the local home improvement stores had it and it wasn't from a large chain.

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Karli (not verified)

Wed, 12/05/2012 - 17:12

Hi! Your beds turned out darling. Is your total cost guesstimate including mattresses or just cost of building? Thanks!